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Community Giveaway: Build-A-Spartan

    Hello Halo fans. Welcome to our first ever community giveaway piece, where we feature a new or ongoing giveaway that someone in the community is hosting.

    This special Build-A-Spartan giveaway gives you the chance to vote, build and win a unique woodwork Halo Spartan.

    The host and creator of this giveaway is Emilio Martinez AKA Concasico Woodworks, a passionate Halo fan who has been creating woodwork Halo designs for a long time. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we have a Halo Feature and Spotlight Presents page for them.

    How to take part

    The giveaway consists of multiple steps, but to summarize, each piece of Spartan armour will have its own dedicated post and poll on Twitter / X. First, the community is asked for their favourite for that specific armour piece, e.g. favourite helmet. Then, the votes are counted, and the top 4 are put into a poll. The winner of that poll will be the piece that is made for the Spartan. An example is below.

    Initial post to comment your favourite armour piece (In this case, the helmet):

    Follow up poll for you to vote for your top 4 (In this case, the armour core):

    Of course, the above is an example. Each armour type will have a poll posted for it once the votes have been counted.

    A huge thank you to everyone that has taken part in the commenting and voting so far. This giveaway is far from over. To take part, head over to Emilio’s Twitter / X account above or our Twitter / X account.

    How to Win

    This is a very large giveaway, with many polls and posts. The woodwork Spartan also has to be created, so it will be a couple of months before it’s ready to go out to the winner. It will be worth the wait though.

    As for how to win, it’s very simple. Once the Spartan has been made, there will be a post over on Twitter / X, encouraging fans to like, follow and share to enter. That’s it! There may be additional ways to get bonus entries, though that is currently undecided. A giveaway generator will be used to pick the winner, and that will conclude the community giveaway.

    Thanks for reading

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