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Machinima Highlight: One’s Self

    Hello everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put in the spotlight and shown off to the world.

    This Machinima Highlight piece features an ongoing Machinima series named ‘One’s Self’. Created by A Flick’s Life, the show is awaiting it’s final episode. One’s Self first aired back in January 2020, so the finale is certainly something fans of the Machinima are looking forward to.

    The description for One’s Self Episode 1 is as follows:

    One’s Self Episode 1 Patch 3.0 – the first episode of ones self! Join the world of the Halo and fight along side the Forerunners to fight off the vindicated to protect Xbox live. The vindicated have found a new leader after the death of Luxon. Join Booker cold in his first day of the forerunners.

    An exciting and unique premise that’s for sure, but the Machinima itself is even more exciting. Currently One’s Self has 14 episodes that are up on A Flick’s Life YouTube Channel.

    Episode 1 really does give off quite a fun feeling to the show, with comedy being common place. The camera work and voice acting is well done too, which is always a major bonus in Machinima series.

    If you’d like to watch Episodes 1 to 14 in anticipation of the final episode, you can find the full One’s Self Playlist on YouTube. Aside from the One’s Self series, there are also some other Halo themed short videos on Flick’s channel that are enjoyable to watch too, so be sure to check them out.

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