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Welcome To Halo Spotlight

We really appreciate you stopping by to check out our site, Halo Spotlight. If you’re unsure on what Halo Spotlight is, you can check out our awesome “What Is Halo Spotlight?” section, which explains the site’s goals and purpose. You can find that here.

New Spotlights

We have a ton of “Spotlights” on Halo Spotlight. What is a Spotlight you might ask? A Spotlight piece is a written article that shows off content created by the Halo Community. Below you can find the most recent Spotlight pieces.

If you want to find more recent spotlight pieces, you can find them on the “New Spotlights” menu option at the top of every page.

Halo Spotlight Presents

Halo Spotlight Presents is the newest section of Halo Spotlight. It’s a place where artists, forgers, content creators and more can post their content first. That’s right! It’ll be the first place you’ll get to see plenty of creations, so be sure to keep a lookout for the latest pieces.


#HaloSpotlight is what it says on the tin. It’s a hashtag. The #HaloSpotlight page features a live thread of content that shows up on Twitter using #HaloSpotlight, so be sure to give the page a look here.