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Video Highlight: Mass Effect l Halo Trailer

    Hello everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put in the spotlight and shown off to the world.

    This Video Highlight piece is showing off a crossover, or mashup video. Mashup videos tend to use one franchise as a base and then use another franchise for the content. This can be done by using one franchise for audio contents and one for video contents.

    As the title suggests, today we’re showing off a video that combines Mass Effect with Halo. The piece combines the audio from the latest Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer with the visuals of all mainline Halo games.

    Unlike most videos, this one doesn’t come with a description, so you’ll have to watch the video to get all the awesomeness.

    We can’t show off the video without mentioning its creator. Kidskull51 is the creator of this video and many more mashup videos, so I recommend checking out their YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

    Kidskull51 was kind enough to give us an insight about how the mashup trailers are made. Please enjoy reading this insight below.

    I’ll watch the original trailer I’m basing it off of first. I pay attention to the transitions and small little editing details. After that I pretty much find/film the clips that match with it best I can. I try to make my videos identical to the original. In order to do that I pay close attention to the audio/video to see when a part cuts to the next. I’ll watch it over and over until it looks perfect. 

    Sometimes my trailers incorporate me actually building sets within several Halo games. I have a pretty good memory of most of the cutscenes/media when it comes to the Halo franchise so I know what to find. To be completely honest this video specifically took me 8 straight hours to edit, no real break. When I’m committed to something I usually work on it hours upon hours.

    Currently in the process of another Halo trailer. I’m working with others since it is bigger than previous ones. I’ve shared screenshots of it on my Twitter not too long ago. 

    If you want to see any updates from Kidskull51, you can do so on their Twitter account. If you enjoyed watching their Mass Effect / Halo mashup trailer, be sure to let them know.

    If you want to see the trailer that the above video is based off, you can do so below.

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