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Content Creator Q&A: Radiactivepeter

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Halo Spotlight. This piece is a content creator Q&A. As the name implies, we have a sit down with a Halo content creator and ask some questions.

    In this Content Creator Q&A we’re spoke to Radiactivepeter, a Spanish Halo content creator that is also an admin at Halo España.

    As with our last Q&A featuring a Spanish Halo content creator, we thought we’d try and bridge the gap between audiences and ask Radiactivepeter some questions in English, so that ourselves and other English speakers can get to know Radiactivepeter a bit better.

    The Writing Spartan asked Radiactivepeter some questions, and received some awesome answers. As always, the full version can be found on our YouTube channel, but if you’re reading this, please enjoy the condensed version below:

    Question: For those who may not know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    “Of course. My name is Pedro, but most people I play Halo with call me Peter, so you can just call me Peter. I’m a 21 year old Computer Science Engineer, well, almost there, from Spain.

    I’m a Halo fan since Halo CE on PC, so it’s been a long ride, and I’m part of the team at Halo España, which is a Spanish Community devoted to Halo.

    I would say the first time I played Halo was on a friends computer when I was 4 or 5 years old.”

    Question: You’re currently an admin over on Halo España. How did you end up being in that role and what do you do for Halo España?

    “That’s a very nice story. I basically met most of the people that now administrate Halo España with me a few years ago. We were friends and we used to play on Xbox online on Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

    One of the guys coined the name Halo España, but it was just really some accounts, like social media and some stuff like that. When COVID-19 arrived, we had more time to play Halo because of the Lockdown. We happened to play a lot more and talk a lot more.

    After the first lockdown ended, we were more organised. We started organising bigger gaming sessions and events as well. Part of how we got here, and how I got here was through the recent pandemic sadly, but at the same time I made some really good friends and started building the Spanish Community.

    After the summer we started working on some bigger projects, which I think we are going to talk about about in some time. That’s the point we’re at now.

    Question: You’ve mentioned to us on Twitter that you reverse engineer the Halo games. What type of content does that help you create?

    “On the one hand as a computer nerd myself, I find it incredible interesting and entertaining in itself to reverse engineer the games and learn how the inner of the games work.

    The greatest thing about this is that I’ve found other people that find it interesting too. Currently I can create content and am creating content that appeals to a smaller but existing and important piece of the Halo fanbase, which is people with interest in these technical subjects such as programming and engineering.

    The type of content that I create right now, I always try to talk about misconceptions about reverse engineering, like the differences between mods and cheating for example.

    I don’t support nor encourage cheating. Sometimes people when they see me reverse engineering, they ask if I’m doing that. I’m not interested in understanding how the game works to make cheats or to bypass the security. It’s just because I find it interesting and that’s what I usually do in my stream.”

    Question: We’ve already asked this question to another Spanish content creator, but what do you think the main challenges are of being a none English focused Halo content creator?

    “In my view it’s lack of support from the Studio. I see little channels of communications from none English speaking partners and 343 industries.

    For example we have yet to see one Spanish content creator or community join the Grassroots program. As far as I know, there isn’t anyone that speaks Spanish in the Grassroots program.”

    Question: What are your current goals as a Halo content creator?

    “I’m currently just this month on a low profile mode. I try to do weekly streaming on Twitch. You can find me at RadioactivePeter. I do reverse engineering. I typically do Halo reverse engineering or “information security, which you can also call ethical hacking, but mostly for learning purposes.

    I find it very interesting and have found a small but nice family of people with similar interests over there. As soon as this month ends my goal is to stream with more frequency.

    I’ve also studied music for years. Recently I started studying digital music production. As you can guess, Halo music has always been a massive inspiration, so in the future I’d like to explore composing related content as well.”

    Question: Do you have any projects in the future that you’re looking forward to working on or would like to work on?

    “Yes, I’m always working on something. Firstly, I’m calmly working on remaking the Halo España app from scratch. We have an app on the Play Store for Android, but it needs some updates. I’ve chosen different libraries, so once the app is finished, it will be possible to publish it on iOS/Iphone as well. Currently it’s Android only.

    I’m revamping the interface as well, cause it needs it. That should be ready this Summer before Infinite launches. I’m engaged with writing posts on the Halo España website from time to time. Mostly original articles in Spanish, and important news from our community when there is news.

    I have another secret project that I cannot give too many details about. It will be hopefully revealed later this year. I promise it’ll be interesting. That’s what I’m currently working on.

    You also asked me what I’d like to work on in the future or what I’d looking forward to. I will say I’m getting very interested in Mods, modding and preservation efforts from the Halo Community.

    This is more like a wish, but I would like more technical content and feedback from 343 Industries. I really like the times that they’ve talked about, in Inside Infinite posts, when they detail things from the development cycle. I’d like to read some more of that.”

    Question: If people wanted to find your content, where should they go?

    “You should totally follow me on Twitch if you don’t want to miss this amazing mix of Halo and engeering content. I’ve said it before but my channel is RadioactivePeter. I stream both in English and in Spanish, so everyone is welcome there.

    Additionally Twitter, if you want to be updated when I post some new stuff, I try to Tweet from time to time. That would be a good place to find me too. My DM’s are always open too so if anyone wants to chat about Halo I’m always open for that.”

    An huge thank you to Radiactivepeter for taking the time to talk to us. It’s always nice to talk to people included in various areas of the Halo community. Be sure to check RadioactivePeter on the social links above. You can also find the full unedited version of the Q&A below:

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