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Fanart Feature: Emilio Martinez

    Hello everyone, welcome to another Fanart feature. In these features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    This feature shows off art that’s a little bit different than what you’d expect. Fanart is usually associated with drawings, paintings, or artwork created on a canvas. Art, however, comes in many forms, and one of those forms is physical creations.

    No, I’m not talking about cosplay or props, though they could indeed be considered art too. I’m talking about sculptures, which is exactly what we’re featuring in this piece.

    We’re happy to feature the work of Emilio Martinez from Concasico Woodworks, who focuses on making Halo Combat Evolved inspired sculptures using wood.

    Wooden Assault Rifle

    Wooden Master Chief

    Wooden Warthog

    Wooden Ghost

    Emilio was nice enough to tell us just how he creates these pieces, along with sharing a teaser of what’s coming next.

    I design most of the replicas to be as close as possible to their Halo CE counterparts, because of the graphics of the game, they translate very well to wooden toys.

    I try to maintain as much detail as possible to create the characteristic silhouette of each vehicle or figure. In the case of the Spartan replicas, they are fully articulated and can be customized to have a different armour colour or visor tone.

    Right now I’m working on some Elite and ODST replicas, so there is much more to come.

    A big thank you to Emilio Martinez for that extra info. We look forward to seeing the Elite and ODST in the future. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these cool sculptures, you can do so on the Concasico Woodworks Amazon page. You can also see updates from Emilio himself on his Twitter.

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