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Machinima Q&A: The Hunted

    Hello everyone and welcome to Halo Spotlight, the place that shines a spotlight on the Halo Community and its creations.

    This piece is the 2nd Machinima Q&A, which is a cross between a standard Q&A and a Machinima feature piece. The Writing Spartan sent over some questions to D27ShGu about the series. You can find the answers below.

    Question: Could you give a little bit of background on yourself and your role in The Hunted Machinima?

     I am the creator of The Hunted. I write, direct and edit the footage in The Hunted.

    Question: Were there any other Machinimas, films or media that inspired The Hunted?

    That is a tough question. I cannot pinpoint what exactly inspired it. The tone is inspired from Fallout New Vegas, to an extent, and the conflict of The Hunted is inspired by something like Injustice or Civil War(Marvel).

    Question: How has working on The Hunted changed your approach for making Machinima and what have you learned so far from it?

    Before making this series, I had other series in development such as Fireteam Phoenix. It was unorganized behind the scenes, because beforehand, the original version of The Hunted was done all by me. I think this series helped me get better at organizing and planning things out for Machinima.

    Question: Do you have a particular scene or episode that you’re really looking forward to that you’re able to share with us?

    There is this scene between Alice and The Master. If you didn’t know, they are daughter and father, but they are also the leaders of their respective teams. They have a conversation, not a fight but a conversation. Not only does it build their relationship, but it shows that this series is not about good vs evil, it is about friends vs friends.

    Question: How many episodes do you want The Hunted to be, and is it all expected to air this year?

    3 episodes. The 3rd is in development, and almost finished, but yes I expect of it to air in 2021.

    Question: To close off, where would people go to find out more about The Hunted and any other projects you’re working on?

    They could go to all my socials. Twitter, YouTube and Discord.

    The other projects I am working on are Alice’s World, a The Hunted spin off series, that sees Alice gets trapped in a simulation that plays out like an machinima from 2007. Another one is The Hunted Flies, a series that tells different stories, within in The Hunted timeline. The final one is Axis, but I won’t spoil what that is just yet.

    That concludes this Q&A. It was a short and sweet one this time. A big thank you to D27ShGu for taking the time to answer the questions provided. If you haven’t seen episode 1 of The Hunted yet, you can watch it below.

    Currently Episode 1 and 2 are out over on the D27ShGu YouTube channel, with the episode 3 trailer also there to tease the final episode. You can also check out The Writing Spartan’s Twitter account if you’re interested in getting involved with a Halo Spotlight, or just want to talk to the person who writes up these pieces.

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