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Fanart Feature: Pat_A_Wan

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off some amazing 3D models created by Pat_A_Wan. Pat_A_Wan was kind enough to send across some incredible examples of their Halo models, some of which where used in the fan made game Installation 01. Please enjoy them below.

    Warthog Designs For Installation 01

    “I was inspired recently by a few things work and project related to finally post the work I’ve done on the Warthog for @Installation01. And thanks to @SamuelJB_23 for the renders, here they are!”

    Grenade Launcher (Installation 01)

    This is our version of the Grenade launcher for the Halo Fan game Installation 01! Game ready at 18.5k tris. Texture done by this Miguel Dominguez.

    Brute Plasma Rifle

    This is the Installation 01 Brute Plasma Rifle, I asked Samuel2213 if he would be cool to tackle this together and this is the final result!
    Overall the front attachment piece is only 7.8k tris. Renders done by Sam in Eevee.

    Plasma Pistol (Installation 01)

    “Here it is! The Plasma Pistol that is apart of the Fan game Installation 01. Obviously the most iconic covenant weapon imo, with a nice new face-lift and style change to better fit our vision. Material setup and basis was made by @Samuel2213 and the concept done by TekkeCroe.

    The weapon uses a spec gloss workflow to better portray our ideas for the covenant faction. Under light it shines like a beetle shell, but under darkness it shows the green water caustics look!

    A huge thank you to Pat_A_Wan for wanting to take part in this Fanart Feature. If you’d like to see more from Pat_A_Wan, you can do so on their Twitter Account or their Artstation Account.

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