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Fanart Feature: Tungsten Hale

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off artwork by Tungsten Hale. Tungsten Hale creates incredible concepts and original characters, all of which are drawn to perfection.

    As always, we requested permission for the artwork to be featured, along with asking for some artwork to go in the piece. Tungsten Hale was kind enough to send some over, along with descriptions. You can find them below:


    “I drew up my own take on the covenant carbine”


    “Gotta love those ODSTs”

    Doom Guy And Master Chief

    “This one was actually featured on Halo spotlight.
    I created it to celebrate the announcement of the Bethesda Microsoft merger”

    Fuel Rod Gun

    “Fuel Rod gun doodle (Forgive me for my quarter view, I got lazy)”

    RECON class armor

    The RECON class armor is a variant of the base Mjolnir powered assault armor focused on stealth tactics. originally commissioned by the Office of Naval Intelligence and developed by materials group, the line of armor is a popular choice among spartan II and III fireteams.
    “This was a concept art exercise attempting to combine the halo Recon materials with the Halo reach base suit”

    Brute Minor

    “Same idea as the recon armor, this was an exercise in redesigning the Brute minor armor from Halo 3 combing elements from all the other games”

    Brute Stalker

    A huge thank you to Tungsten Hale for sending across those pieces. If you want to see more from Tungsten Hale, you can do so on their Twitter Account and their Instagram Account.

    Do you have a favourite piece out of the ones shown above? If so, you can let us know on our Twitter. Not had a chance to read any other features yet? Head over to the new spotlights section of the site for all the most recent Halo community content.

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