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Fanart Feature: MA5B Arts

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In Fanart Features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off some artwork by MA5B Arts. MA5B Arts creates digital art in Blender. MA5B Arts creates hyper realistic art that looks like it could be cosplay photography. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out some awesome examples of their work below.

    The Last Full Measure

    I composed this scene using the movie poster of the Vietnam movie “The Last Full Measure” which is about a U.S Air Force pararescue(PJ), William H, Pitsenbarger who received the Medal Of honour almost a decade later after saving the lives of 60 men. I was inspired to use a Spartan as the PJ coming into rescue a group of battle tested ODST’s.!

    Walking Away

    “Jackson walking away from a fellow Spartans helmet after he learned of her betrayal and abandonment.”

    The End

    “My OC Jackson, an ODST machine gunner fellow Spartan Naomi-010 taking a moment to honour the fallen after a long hard battle with Covenant forces.”

    Hero Photo

    “This was probably the first render I did with my 2nd version of Jackson, my OC. It was just a simple pose and some minor scene building. But I wanted to showcase my OC in a heroic way. And at the same time show support and spread awareness for mental health. Which is why this version of my OC has a semi colon on his right shoulder instead of the standard Spartan helmet we could see on Spartans in Halo Wars 1/2. As soon as the lighting was set in this render I called it a day and took it into post to make some changes and released it.”

    The Forgotten Spartans

    “I don’t think I need to say much for this scene I did. I was really huge into Halo Machinima and Forgotten Spartans was my absolute favourite. So I wanted to pay tribute to the trio.”

    Left Behind

    “Thought to be KIA. Jackson wakes up hours after going over the edge of a cliff to see Covenant ground forces moving in on his position. With no intent to die without putting up a fight, he readies a grenade and a pistol to make a final stand.”

    The 13

    “In the recent events in Afghanistan. This piece was created and dedicated to the soldiers lost.”

    A huge thank you to MA5B Arts for wanting to take part in this piece and sending over the images and descriptions. If you’d like to see more from MA5B Arts, you can do so on their Twitter Account, their Instagram Account, their Facebook account or their Discord account (OscarMike#9096).

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