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Community Feature: April 9th 2023

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre.

    Our Community Feature pieces feature a range of creative people from the Halo community, and showcase some of their amazing creations. We aim to provide a platform for creators to share their work with the Halo community.

    A huge thank you to everyone that submitted a creation for this piece and continues to tag us in their posts. For submissions without titles, we’ve come up with our own. Please enjoy all the wonderful Halo Infinite creations below.

    Delta squad by Liam_RRt

    Crazy rocket snipe by KaRBoN DiiOXiDE

    “I created this video on Xbox Series X. I’ve been trying to nail this shot for a long time. The planets aligned and it finally happened. The rocket was a direct hit from across the map. Crazy part about it was I wasn’t stationary but moving throughout the map at my team’s base.”

    1930’s Master chief by Taylor Radigan

    “I wanted to mix a 1930s cartoon aesthetic with the big man himself. So meet 1930s Master Chief!”

    Various works by Jakob bryant

    “I have loved Halo since the first moment I picked up the controller (Back at Halo 2). I am also a Graphic Artist, who has lately spent A LOT of time working on some fanart.

    My first piece I want to show is a collaboration of roughly 120 characters, vehicles, and spaceships across all Halo games, CE > INFINITE.

    It was drawn at a staggering size of 4×2 feet. It has taken approximately 150 hours, spread over a year and a half to finish.

    My second piece is my (Multiplayer) Fireteam for Halo Infinite. All the Spartans across each Armor Cores. I have named them Fireteam HADES.

    I want to get a job in the Promotional/Graphic Design area for gaming. And a dream job to be involved in anything Halo. But being an Artist in Canberra Australia, there is no such jobs available for this industry… so instead I spend my spare time with these passion projects.”

    Arbybowl by Derelict Country

    Official Poster for Season 1 of Arbybowl

    “Arbybowl is a competitive series where people in the Halo community come to settle disputes, bury beefs and most of all have fun. The aim of the series is to take the storytelling or narrative aspects of sports like Wrestling or MMA and combine them with the fast paced competitive environment of current Esports.

    Official Thumbnail for Match 2 of Season 2 – Ricebowl

    Most matches are highly focused 1v1s but there have been matches with more players in the past. With the big personalities in the community that clash online, Arbybowl is the perfect stage where they can truly go head to head for the title of eternal internet glory. 

    A still from the interview segment of Season 1 Match 3 – Kirkbowl

    The show follows a theatrical formula of giving both contestants/teams introductions narrated by a MC or announcer before a pair of commentators take the lead to give their predictions before the match begins. As the matches progresses they provide their thoughts before a post game analysis when the winner has been determined.

    A still from Season 3 Match 1 – Emobowl

    Every video wraps up with an interview with the contestants being asked what they felt went right or wrong for them in addition for a little trash talk. From season 2 onwards every Arbybowl video ends with a teaser for the next match in the season. 

    A still from the intro segment of Season 3 match 3 – Spergerbowl

    If you’re a fan of Esports but also Comedy, certainly check the series out. Most of  the matches are real and the reactions are authentic. The series is currently in it’s third season with Match two “Coombowl” due to premiere on August 10th 2022. The entire series is available on the DerelictCountry Youtube channel. Each season contains four episodes with Season 3 concluding on October 31st 2022.”

    A still from the teaser for Season 2 match 4 – Doublebowl

    A huge thank you to everyone that took part in this piece, and for all the continued support in our platform and the Halo community. It means a lot that so many continue to support our platform, despite a difficult year.

    Submissions are always open for future pieces, so be sure to check out the bottom of this piece for more details on how to submit a creation.

    Do you have a favourite piece out of the ones shown above? If so, you can let us know on our Twitter. Not had a chance to read any other features yet? Head over to the new spotlights section of the site for all the most recent Halo community content.

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    Want to see your Halo content or creation on the site? Check out the post submissions section, which outlines what you’ll need to do to get your piece in front of the spotlight. That’s all for now folks, so I’ll see you all next time.