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Fanart Feature: Valiant_Cast

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off artwork by Valiant_Cast. Valiant_Cast creates artwork in the Halo games themselves via the screenshot/image capture function, but that’s not all.

    Valiant_Cast also creates artwork using a program called Source Filmmaker, something that we’ve seen used before in other features. You can find 4 examples of Valiant_Cast’s artwork below, so please enjoy.

    Mountain jog


    going against the odds

    “Going against the odds together”


    “Can fight in even the most extreme environments”

    A huge thank you to Valiant_Cast for taking the time to share artwork. If you want to see more from Valiant_Cast, you can do so on their Instagram Account.

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    Want to see your Halo content or creation on the site? Check out the post submissions section, which outlines what you’ll need to do to get your piece in front of the spotlight. That’s all for now folks, so I’ll see you all next time.