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Musician Feature: Audio Arcturia

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In Musician Features, we show off amazing fan made Halo tracks made my Musicians in the Halo Community.

    In this Musician Feature, we’re showing off pieces by Audio Arcturia, along with some background on what got Audio Arcturia into creating Halo themed music.

    As with the last Musician Feature, the background/inspiration behind each track can be found below the track in question. Audio Arcturia also shared some of their background and inspiration behind becoming a musician, so please enjoy reading it below:

    I started composing 11 years ago, inspired by Sins of a Solar Empire, Halo and Two Steps from Hell – to name a few. Those were the biggest. Generally speaking, writing music is just a very expensive hobby that lets me conceptualize the worlds I see in my mind – worlds which I could never draw.

    The music I do inspired by Halo is 100% for the Sins of a Solar Empire mod – Sins of the Prophets. Because I wanted SOTP to be truly its own thing but still possess the “feeling” that Halo music inspires, I deliberately avoid using melodies and themes from the games, instead drawing from them to make something that specific to the Mod, and still very much my own.

    -Audio Arcturia

    It’s super cool to here that Audio Arcturia was involved with making the music for the well known mod ‘Sins Of The Prophets’. You can find some of the music made by Audio Arcturia for that mod below.

    Colonial Cross

    “Music for Sins of the Prophets is mostly atmospherically driven to suit the needs of gameplay, but the UNSC needed something powerful and evocative – So there are lots of harsh strings, loud brass and towards the end – a fanfare that calls back to “One Final Effort”.”


    “This song was the “demo” I sent to Unikraken (the leader of Chokepoint Games) in order to get on the team. I jokingly said on their Facebook page one afternoon that if they ever were interested in making their own game one day I’d love to write their music.

    He responded saying: “Send us your portfolio.” I sent him this. Nothing else. 6 months later he got back to me and let me do it. Baby steps.”

    nearest refuge 2

    “This is the only Halo Music I’ve written that *wasn’t* for SOTP, I just wanted to re-score my favourite moment from my least favourite Halo game – mix things up a little.”

    Zealot Class

    “Finally, this is the song I wrote to start building a “mood” for the covenant. Not much to talk about as it’s pretty simple but it’s strongly inspired by Halo 2’s “Impend” and “Mombasa Suite”.”

    Those awesome Halo themed pieces were amazing. It’s hard to tell that they were even fan made. We got some closing words from Audio Arcturia, which were as follows:

    “There’s a lot more, but there’s 4 of the more favourite ones I’ve created in the last few years. I’ve been in a drought regarding music production for SOTP due to school and working on a symphony which has its first movement releasing in a month.”

    We certainly can’t wait to hear more about the symphony mentioned above. If you want to keep updated with Audio Arcturia’s work, you can do so on their Twitter Account, YouTube Channel and Personal Website. For a larger list of their songs, be sure to check out their Soundcloud account too.

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