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Fanart Feature: Vin Gattuso

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    For this fanart feature, we’re featuring artwork by Vin Gattuso. Vin is well known in the Halo community as in incredible artist.

    The levels of realism that Vin brings with his hyper realistic 3D art is near unmatched, so we’re happy to feature Vin’s work in this piece. Please enjoy Vin’s very own hand picked favourites below.

    Big team battle

    There’s a lot of small details sprinkled throughout the art. This time around, I took special care to breathe life into the match as it plays out. I was inspired by a lot of Isaac Hannaford’s (very beautiful) multiplayer gameplay concepts.

    Halo Infinite – The Armory

    Attributions as follows: Legendary Katana – @Masterj2001, MA40 – Noe.vah.
    Everything has been heavily retextured. Environment partially composed of touched-up Spartan Ops assets, but some custom stuff as well. Datapad is completely custom, made by me. Created in Blender 3D.

    Rally Together In Halo Infinite

    “Carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, survivors of the UNSC Infinity rally together. They hunker down for the long road ahead, trekking through forgotten graveyards and shadowy monoliths.”
    Spartans from right to left: me, @EzzellVFX, @EuclidGamer, @Paulpowerz20.

    Red Team reunites with the Master Chief

    Red Team reunites with the Master Chief to fight the Banished. I really hope we see a team-up like this in Halo Infinite.
    Mark IV by @AbiSV1, Spirit of Fire by @ChokepointG, MA37 by Noe.vah.
    Environment created by me, using procedurally scattered trees and MegaScans. Every asset in the scene, except for the above, has had significant shader overhauls done by me as well.

    A massive thank you to Vin Gattuso for wanting to take part in a featured piece and being kind enough to talk to the team. We hope you all enjoyed the art Vin provided as much as we did. If you enjoyed the artwork, be sure to give Vin a follow on Twitter.

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