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Video Highlight: Halo Infinite: The Flighting Highlight Reel

    Hello everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put in the spotlight and shown off to the world.

    This Video Highlight piece features a video called Halo Infinite: The Flighting highlight reel, which was created by Killimaze.

    Whilst we usually go in depth about the creator and their history with Halo, Killimaze was kind enough to supply some additional info themselves for the piece. Before we watch the amazing highlight reel, please enjoy some additional information supplied by Killimaze about themselves.

    “To just give a small introduction of myself, I’m a Rainbow Six Siege cosplayer and streamer! I have been playing FPS games since I was little, starting with my first Halo CE! I’ve been playing the series for over 14 years and always wanted to be a part of the community, but could never find my way properly in. I love the esports scene, but when I was of age, Halo 5 didn’t grasp me. My passion was revived by Infinite and I’m trying from many different ways to approach the Halo community this time around!”

    It’s a little daunting at times, Halo is so established and it feels at times so hard to stand out. I got lucky with siege and was a part of the community from the start. I got VIP tickets to the HCS LAN in December, so maybe that experience will help!

    All I can say is that due to Infinite having the more original art style, music, and gameplay feeling like Halo 3 and 5 combined, I felt like a kid again! I made the video to show off some plays I made, but to also keep the hype for me, for me and maybe others to look back and just remember how awesome the flight felt.”

    After getting some background information from Killimaze and checking out their awesome Halo Infinite video, we hope you’ll join us in welcoming Killimaze into the community.

    If you’d like to see more from Killimaze, you can check out their YouTube Channel, Twitter account and Twitch Account.

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