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Props Showcase: Timuche Props

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre.

    In this piece, we bring you a brand new type of feature. As the title suggests, Props Showcases are a place where Props relating to Halo are featured. This includes but is not limited to Weapons and Accessories.

    In this piece we’ll be showing off some of Timuche Props‘ most recent work and sharing some information on their creative process. Timuche Props is a prop maker based in the south west of France, and was kind enough to share a bit of background on how they got into prop making. Please enjoy reading about it below:

    “Before starting the replicas, I was making models, mini-busts and statuettes mostly from STAR WARS. And then I wanted to have a little bit of HALO because I’m a fan of it too, so I searched the internet, on forums (405th) to find out what I could buy to put in my collection. I saw wonderful creations from many talented propmakers but didn’t have the budget for. And one day I had the idea to make them myself. And one replica by one replica, I started making all the ones that (I wanted)!

    Timuche Props

    It’s always super cool to hear from creators about how they got into creating. A big thanks to Timuche Props for that bit of information. Timuche Props also sent across some amazing images of their latest projects, so please enjoy those pictures.

    SMG (Without Attachments)


    Pistol (Various ATTACHMENTS)

    Pistol (Flashlight ATTACHMENT)

    In addition to sending across the above images, Timuche Props also shared with us their creative process, which you can read about below:

    “As far as the making of my replicas goes, it all depends on the replica: let me explain. For example, for the M6H2 of HALO 5, at the time I didn’t really master 3D modelling, so I started with a basic 3D printed shape and then I did everything by hand (with body filler and styrene sheets). And for the silencer of the Whispered Truth version and the Tactical attachment, it is a friend : Maxime GRENIER who made the 3D models and I was responsible for adapting them. He also modelled the M6 SOCOM (he’s damn talented!) And I took care of the rest : assembly, gluing, grinding, finishing etc.

    And for the SMG, since this is my last replica, over time I learned a little about 3D modelling and knowing that the shapes are quite basic I managed on my own and with a lot of time I did it. I’m quite proud of the result, I did my best to pay tribute to the ODSTs that I love ! Once the replicas (prototypes) are finished, I make silicone molds : single, two-part or matrix moulds. Then all that remains is to make the polyurethane resin casts and voila.

    Timuche Props

    It’s always super cool to hear the different methods that different creators use, so a big thank you to Timuche Props for sharing all that info with us. If you’d like to see more from Timuche Props, you can do so on their Twitter account.

    Alternatively, if you’d like to watch some video tutorials and creation videos, you can check out Timuche Props’s YouTube channel here. The videos have both English and French subtitles, so can be understood by a lot of the community.

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