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Fanart Feature: Tubbies of Plum

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off digital artwork by Tubbies of Plum. Tubbies of Plum creates artwork digitally via Photoshop, and has a very unique style to their artwork.

    We asked Tubbies of Plum what their creative process was when creating Halo themed artwork, and this is what they said:

    “For my creative process, everyone is drawn in Photoshop with a Wacom Intuos tablet. I begin with the same base template to keep proportions consistent between Tubbies. Usually, each Tubby is based on a source image (Omega Team matches their concept art or Chief being from the Halo 3 cover) though original poses are used sometimes.

    The biggest part is simplifying everything and modifying pieces to fit the Tubbies body proportions. It is a delicate balance to not over simplify, but also not going nuts on detail. Honestly, for how simple they may appear, it amazes me how much they have changed since the first Tubby was posted on Instagram.

    Tubbies of Plum

    A huge thanks to Tubbies of Plum for sharing that information with us. It’s always awesome to learn how different artists create their artwork. Of course, this wouldn’t be a fanart feature without the actual artwork, so please enjoy some examples of Tubbies of Plum’s art below.


    “My favorite UNSC leader in Halo Wars 2. I just love his unique Hydra and backpack, such a fun leader. He is based on the concept art and not the in-game model. This is a slightly revamped version compared to the one on my socials.”


    “One of three hero units for Omega Team, August-099! She is based on the final concept art. Such a fun character to draw. She has been slightly revamped from the version on my socials.”


    “Another member of Omega Team! Leon-011 is unique for wielding an energy sword! Leon has an interesting color scheme that took time to get right, so that was fun to recreate. “


    “The last member of Omega Team, Robert-025. He is my favorite member since I really like bulky Spartans, plus his plasma turret is fun in-game.”

    Master Chief (Halo 3)

    “The man, the myth, the legend himself! Master Chief as he appears in Halo 3! Of the Chiefs posted on socials, this was my favorite! He has been slightly revamped from the original posted Tubby.”

    Mk. 7 Spartan

    “The armor leading the charge for Halo Infinite! Here is the Mk. 7 with the watchdog armor coating! Really fun coating, plus the red visor fits well.”

    Halo Reach Spartan

    “My favorite Spartan to draw… myself. Third time is always the charm, just look at how confident he looks! I always enjoy coming back to him once and a while. Helps me see how I have improved over time.”

    A huge thank you to Tubbies of Plum for sending over such awesome pieces of artwork for us to include in this piece.

    If you’d like to see more from Tubbies of Plum, you can do so on their Twitter Account and their Instagram Account. You can also chat with them on their Reddit Account.

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