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    The Halo Community stretches far and wide, with many creators and groups trying to bring the community together.

    Halo Spotlight is happy to have partnered with some of these groups, outlets and creators to bring the best possible experience of Halo community content on Halo Spotlight.


    A huge shout out to NicmeistaR. Without NicmeistaR, we’d be unable to have the awesome stream of Halo Spotlight content from Twitter.

    NicmeistaR is the creator and owner of the Halo_Spotlight twitter account. This incredible twitter account features an insane amount of Halo Spotlight content, so be sure to check it out over on our #HaloSpotlight Feed.

    The Halo_Spotlight account is not to be confused with our own Twitter account, which is Halos_Spotlight. HaloSpotlight_ is also our Twitter account, but it’s mainly used as a redirect. Our Twitter account will focus on updates regarding the site, so be sure to give it a follow too.

    Halo United

    Halo United, formally known as Halo Respawn, is a Halo community with the goal of uniting the Halo community as a whole under one banner. To be an easy place to find, share and support all the communities within the Halo community.

    We’re happy to partner with Halo United to bring 1 exclusive Halo Spotlight Feature to their site every week. In this special piece, you’ll find exclusive content that you won’t find on Halo Spotlight, so be sure to check it out.

    Special Mentions

    The Special Mentions area is for people who have helped out Halo Spotlight, but aren’t technically classed as partners, since, well, we’re not in a partnership.

    We want to say a big thank you to Fletch from Ultimate Halo for designing our original home page’s image. The original home page is no longer visible, but we’ll keep this special mention here anyway, as thanks.

    A massive thank you to Pixelflare for designing the awesome website graphics, such as the logo and social banners.