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Content Creator Q&A: Supergamekraft’s ‘Halo We Love You’ Series

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where we shine a spotlight on Halo community creations. This piece is a Content Creator Q&A, a Q&A where we sit down with content creators and asked them some questions.

    The Writing Spartan sat down with Bronson, one of the members of Supergamekraft. Supergamekraft have recently been doing a stream series called ‘Halo We Love You’, so this Q&A will focus on that.

    This Q&A was done via Discord, so if you’d like to hear the full audio version of this Q&A, you can do so on our YouTube channel.

    As always, the written version of the Q&A will be a shortened version of the full audio Q&A. We recommend checking out the full version, but if you’d prefer something shorter, you can enjoy the shortened version below.

    Question: Could you give us a bit of background on what Supergamekraft is and who is involved with it?

    “Yeah absolutely. Supergamekraft was formally a website, (and) is currently a YouTube and Twitch Channel. It started way back with a friend of mine in a game of Halo 3. This was like summer of ’08 with a friend of mine who’d just recently moved across the country.

    We were really into GiantBomb, their podcast and their stuff. We were like “Yeah we should do a podcast, do videos and do writing.” We went on to pursue careers in game journalism and we worked for this big website for a while. That folded a couple of years ago and we decided we wanted to work on Supergamekraft again.

    It’s taken a while, but we’ve found our niche. An Informative insightful news podcast, and then what I call “Lets Streams”, which are lets plays but we stream them. The one that made me find you guys and made me wanna contact you guys was our Halo lets stream.”

    Question: How did the idea of doing all the Halo games on Legendary come about for the stream?

    “So we actually did the first two on Heroic. We probably could have done Halo Combat Evolved on Legendary, we blew threw it, but Halo 2 was the hardest by far. By the end of Halo 2 on Heroic we were just done.

    Back to how we came up with the idea, we were looking for something to fill our Wednesday streaming slot. What we were doing was a show called “Your next favourite game”, which was a show where we’d go onto gamepass, play it for the week, and tell you if it’s any good or not.

    What we realised was doing that show is really hard, because you have to play through a full video game in a week, schedule the time for that, come back with notes, and try to be really coherent on a one to two hour show.

    We wanted to do a lets play, and we wanted to go through all the Halo games again. We had people in our Discord who play Halo Multiplayer with us on community nights, we could get two of them in real quick.

    We said “Hey we’re doing the Halo games” and a good chunk of our community were stoked. We were stoked. I feel like every week of that show is like ‘old man hours’ cause it’s just 4 people reminiscing about Halo for 2 and a half hours.”

    Question: When did you start the Halo Legendary Journey and where are you up to currently?

    “2 months? 2 and a half months? I think it took us 3 weeks for Halo Combat Evolved, 4 weeks for Halo 2, 2 weeks for Halo 3 and 2 weeks for Halo 3: ODST. So yeah it’s been 10 weeks already (at the time of this Q&A). Halo Reach starts on the 19th of May 2021.”

    Question: What has been the most enjoyable part of the lets play streams so far?

    “I have a couple. We have a term now. It’s called Library rule. What Library rules are is “Okay, don’t worry about killing everything, just get to the next checkpoint. Just run.” You’ll hear in the lets play “It’s getting bad, Library rules, Library rules.” That I thought that was funny.

    Then, for Halo 3: ODST, our 4th man was travelling, so we had a replacement from the community. Halo 3: ODST was his favourite Halo game by far, but he didn’t tell us how bad his webcam was.

    The best part is, we have an xsplit watermark on our stream. That’s the software we use. The best part is he gets the Mike Wazowski treatment, because the watermark covers his face half the time, and then in general just reminiscing and enjoying playing Halo.”

    Question: Are there any moments in future lets plays that you’re excited to get to?

    “I’m looking forward to the people I’m streaming with reacting to Halo 4. Quinn played Halo 4 and is well acquainted with it, Erin played it only once and doesn’t remember much about it, and Johnny skipped it entirely. I’m very curious to their reaction to Halo 4.

    I’m curious to see if I can break Halo Reach again. The last time I played Halo Reach it was a 4 player co-op session with some friends. We were playing through it so fast we broke the checkpoint system.

    The game said “Checkpoint”, and it said “Checkpoint” again, and then we all died and it threw us back two checkpoints. We were just going at such a rapid pace I guess.”

    Question: Will you both be playing Halo Infinite on Legendary and streaming it for your first playthroughs?

    “We’re not fully sure yet. What it’s looking like is that we’re both gonna go through on normal in the first weekend or first day or so. Whip through it as quickly as we can and then do the Lets Stream. We’re not 100% sure on that, that’s kinda the route we’d like to go.”

    Question: For those wanting to find your lets plays and any other info, where should they go?

    “So that would be You can also look up supergamekraft on YouTube. The name for the Halo lets play in particular is ‘Halo We Love You’. If you’re looking for our podcasts on itunes and spotify it’s Super Gamekast 2.”

    A huge thank you to Bronson for talking with The Writing Spartan. You can also check out Supergamekraft on Facebook and Twitter. A reminder that this written Q&A is only a bite sized version of the full interview. We really recommend checking out the full Q&A below.

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