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Fanart Feature: Crystal Fiss / Fiss Of Fury

    Hey there everyone, welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where Halo community creations are put front and centre. In fanart features, we highlight artists and their creations.

    This fanart feature will be a little different than the ones in the past. We previously held a poll on Twitter regarding the amount of images we include in fanart features, and it’s been decided that we’ll now include 7 images, rather than 4.

    In this fanart feature, we’re showing off artwork by Crystal Fiss, or Fiss Of Fury as their known on their socials. Crystal Fiss was nice enough to send a short bio and handful of images to include in this piece, so please enjoy them below.

    “I have been a gamer ever since the days of the OG Nintendo. So games are just a part of my life, and they help shape my inspiration into a unique art style. Halo has been one of the biggest influential games in my life!! The landscapes, the characters, and also finding friends while playing online has just been the great!

    I have read all of the Halo novels, and I gotta say Halo has one of the most vast universes out there in the gaming world. I am currently a tattoo artist and a freelance illustrator,  and I also cosplay as Kat (Noble 2).

    Me and my family all love Halo!! I have a whole bunch of different styles I work with. I also do a lot of twitch emotes for Halo streamers as well.”

    -Crystal Fiss / Fiss Of Fury

    Spartan Hanna

    Style: Digital painting on Procreate.
    “I absolutely love Halo Reach and the armour that was created for the game. I was compelled to make a original character after focusing on pre existing Spartans within the halo universe. Why not right!! Creating something new is always invigorating.”

    The futures past

    Style: Colour pencil on paper.
    “This is Spartan Naomi at the age of 8, leaning over her helmet.  After reading “The Thursday War”, I was inspired to create a portrait of Spartans we haven’t seen in the younger years of their life.”

    Coffee Brake

    Style: Digital Painting
    “Before Microsoft bought Doom I always envisioned these two large green space Marines hanging out and trying to discuss what has been bothering them. Haha! But we all know chief doesn’t want to tell the Doom Slayer what the Covenant called him back home. This type of style is quick and easy and always fun and engaging to the viewer!”

    “last Light”

    Style: Graphite Pencil on sketch paper.
    “Fred Spartan-104 was sent to Gao to investigate the whereabouts of a Ancilla called “Intrepid Eye”. Fred starts investigating the “Well of Echoes” were humans have been reporting being miraculously healed of their sicknesses by soaking in the water that dwells in the cave. This is a part in the Halo novel “last light”, were Fred is searching the well of echoes of intrepid eye.”

    Halo tattoos

    Style: Coloured ink on Strathmore watercolour paper. 
    “Because I am a tattoo artist I had to make a flash sheet of Halo tattoos!! 3 of the designs are based on Halo 3 ODST achievements.  I absolutely love these, and I cant wait to make another with more Halo related designs!”

    Craig the Bro-hammer

    Style: Digital painting 
    “After seeing the play though of Halo infinite, and the up-roar of memes about the lonely Brute. I decided to add a retro feel to him, why!! I was inspired by Synthwave and also being an 80s baby lol.”

    lost in shadows

    Style: Traditionally sketched, then painted digitally in photoshop.
    “I was compelled to draw up Noble 6 (from Halo Reach). I took a non traditional approach to the stance of the character, as well as playing around with the atmosphere (clouds).”

    A huge thank you to Crystal Fiss sending across such awesome artwork. We really appreciate the detailed backstories of each piece of art. If you want to see more from Crystal Fiss, you can do so on their Twitter Account.

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