Post Submissions

Want to see your Halo themed creation featured in a Halo Spotlight piece? We’d love to help make that a reality!

How To Submit A Request

  1. You can send Halo Spotlight a tweet over on our twitter account with the work you want featured.
  2. You can send an email to and the head editor will work through the submissions.

Submission Requirements

If you’re submitting fanart, forge screenshots or image based creations, please include 7 of your favourite images, along with the appropriate titles and descriptions of each piece. Any information on your creative process and programs/materials used also greatly helps the piece.

If you want a project to be featured, such as cosplay or forge maps, please send the name of your project followed by your preferred method of contact. We’ll work on setting up a cool Q&A for you, so you’ll be able to feature your project in all its glory.

If you’re working on something else, such as a community, a machinima or a tournament, please send information of your project along with your preferred method of contact and we’ll see if we can help get a piece written up for you.


Whilst we aim to feature as many Halo Community projects as possible on the site, we do so with much love and effort. As such, not everyone’s submission may get posted on the site, due to time constraints or submission specific reasons.

We aim to reply to everyone that sends a submission, but please understand that we cannot promise a reply every time. Thank you for your understanding.