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Content Creator Q&A: Halo Machinima Rewind Awards

    Hello everyone, and welcome to Halo Spotlight. The place where we shine a spotlight on Halo community creations. This piece is a Content Creator Q&A, a Q&A where we sit down with content creators and asked them some questions.

    A quick update

    So it’s been quite a while since the latest feature. Some of you may be wondering, where have we been? What’s been going on? I’ll briefly explain some stuff to try and clear things up.

    All content on the site is written by one person, myself (The Writing Spartan). At the beginning of July, I unfortunately got some serious health news. You can find that here if you want to read about it, but bottom line has been continuous health issues for the last near 2 months.

    Things are on the up now, so I’m able to dedicate my time to my various other hobbies that I’ve been unable to do for the past two months. Thank you all for your patience and for sticking with the site and myself. Anyways, lets get to the Q&A. Thanks again all.

    The Q&A

    The Writing Spartan sat down with Skyward, the creator of the Halo Machinima Rewind Awards.

    Like most of our Q&As, this Q&A was done via Discord, so if you’d like to hear the full audio version of this Q&A, you can do so on our YouTube channel once it goes live.

    This written version of the Q&A will be a shortened version of the full audio Q&A. Until the full version is released, please enjoy the shortened version below.

    Question: For those who don’t know, what exactly are the Halo Machinima Rewind Awards?

    “It’s basically a YouTube Rewind and an award show combined but for Halo Machinima.”

    Question: How did the idea for Halo Machinima Rewind Awards come about?

    “It was around February / March of 2020 I was watching some YouTube rewinds, and out of nowhere on the recommended I saw a Halo Machinima. I was like “oh”! After processing things I was like “I can do this.”

    So I hit up a friend and was like “Why don’t we make a YouTube Rewind but for Halo Machinimas”. After a while he got used to it sounding crazy. People started about knowing it and hearing about it.

    The awards were originally someone named Joshua Banana’s idea first. Unfortunately he had some personal issues so he couldn’t produce it. My friend Devaulte came in, saved it all, and it got produced. That’s where we are now.

    Question: How does the Halo Machinima Rewind Awards stand out from other similar shows, such as the Golden Monitor Awards?

    “Well first of all, the Golden Monitor awards I feel are for more known people in the community. The Halo Machinima Rewind Awards are just like everybody. We try and put them together. The favourites and stuff, but other than that, it’s the same idea. People are doing for the fun of it.

    Question: There’s only been one Halo Machinima Rewind so far. Is there any plans to do more going forward? How regular are they planned for in the future?

    “We’re trying to do it around Christmas time, near the end of the year. There was a rumour going around that the next Halo Machinima Rewind Awards would be Summer, but there isn’t really many new Machinimas by summer.”

    Question: What are the goals for Halo Machinima Rewind Awards?

    “Basically just to try and share Machinimas to everybody. The people who are small, with 50, 100 and so on subscribers that don’t get much attention. My goal was to get mostly small people and push them out there. Show people what they can do.

    That’s really all. I don’t care about sub counts, views, likes. I care that people can see what’s out there and get seen.”

    Question: Are there any other projects or plans related to the Halo Machinima Rewind Awards that you could share with us?

    “Well I would love to say what’s going on in the background. Unfortunately I have to keep that a secret. There is something being planned, but other than that, the Machinima Rewind is still on course. The Machinima Rewind Awards will probably be after the Rewind.”

    Question: If people want to find updates or news about the Halo Machinima Rewind Awards where should they go?

    “They could go to Devaulte’s YouTube Channel, Nate’s YouTube Channel, My own YouTube channel. They could go to the Discord, Twitter, Twitch or Instagram. Most of the time it’ll be on the Instagram and Twitter. The YouTube channel has the awards on them. If they wanna see the rewind it’s on my channel.”

    A huge thank you to Skyward for talking with The Writing Spartan. A reminder that this written Q&A is only a bite sized version of the full interview. We really recommend checking out the full Q&A on our YouTube channel once it becomes available.

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