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The Unofficial Halo Infinite Facebook Group

    Facebook groups and Facebook pages have been around for many years now. Many known people in the Halo community started off as admins for Halo Facebook pages.

    Back in the early 2010s, Facebook pages were all the rage, but throughout the last 10 years, they’ve faced the might of page reach limitations.

    Today, Facebook groups are what pull through. The Halo community groups are growing fewer and fewer, but there’s one that’s kept growing over its last two years of activity. The Halo Infinite group.

    The History Behind The Group

    Originally created by one of the biggest Halo Infinite Facebook pages, which boasted 50K+ likes and incredible interaction with fans, the group is now all that remains. The page unfortunately was taken down, but like a phoenix coming back from the ashes, the group has restored that lost fan interaction.

    At the time of writing this piece, the Halo Infinite Facebook group sits at 23,300 members. A large amount of members compared to the somewhat small admin and moderator team. With some of the team putting in a minimum of 4 hours every day, it’s safe to say that the passion for the fanbase is somewhat a part time job.

    The group is expected to expand rapidly as we get ever closer to the launch of Halo Infinite, so the team behind the group is continuously looking to improve the quality within the group.

    What Sets It Apart From Other Halo Groups?

    Unlike many Halo groups, or more specifically, Halo Infinite groups, this particular group has a strict post submission process and list of rules. Whilst that may seem off putting at first, it’s those exact reasons that have allowed the moderation team to keep the group friendly for new and old fans alike.

    More recently, the group has implemented a “Master Post” system, which allows popular or common topics to be condensed and directed to one place. Sick of seeing a thousand posts about why someone hates sprint? You won’t see that in this group, as that topic will be restricted to the sprint discussion master post.

    Another thing that really sets this group apart from others is just how active and engaging the admins and moderators are. You will see them making their own posts and discussions, as well as joining in with other peoples posts. They’re certainly not a team that only appears when you need them.

    They will appear when needed though, don’t worry. If anything goes wrong, or if members are acting up, you can expect a swift response from this moderation team. They wrote the rules, and they’re not scared to enforce them.

    What’s Next For The Group?

    The team behind the group are working on many things, from small changes like the master post system, to big events like tournaments. Most of these plans are still in the pipeline, but we can expect to see them pop up more often as we get closer to the launch of Halo Infinite.

    Where Can I Find The Group?

    The group is nice and easy to find. Simply search Halo Infinite on Facebook and look under the groups section. You’ll want to select the public group, rather than the private one of the same name.

    If that sounds like a lot of trouble or too much work, you can simply click this link and it’ll take you to the Halo Infinite group.


    A massive thank you to the Halo Infinite Facebook Group team for working their hardest to make the Halo community a fun and friendly place. Please note that the names and pictures of private profiles have been censored to help protect overall privacy.

    A reminder once again that this group is an unofficial fan made group and has no affiliation with Microsoft, Xbox or 343 Industries.

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