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Fanart Feature: SpallSpartan

    Hello everyone! Welcome to Halo Spotlights’ first Fanart Feature. These features will focus on some of the best artwork created by artists in the Halo Community.

    In this feature, we’ll look at 4 incredible art pieces created by SpallSpartan. SpallSpartan is known for having incredible variation with art styles and creations.

    You’ve probably already seen some epic SpallSpartan creations. Fan made Halo facemasks, keychains and artwork are just some examples of SpallSpartan’s previous creations.

    I could type about how epic SpallSpartan’s creation are all day, but I’ll let the artwork speak for itself below.

    The Covenant War

    Lt. Azimuth and Spall Keychains

    The Arbiter

    Halo Chibis

    A massive thank you to SpallSpartan for sharing those awesome pieces of artwork with us. If you’re interested in how SpallSpartan creates some of the above artwork, you can find that out below.

    “Most of my art is digitally painted in Photoshop or Procreate, but my keychains are hand drawn and coloured with coloured pencils on shrink plastic.”


    Very interesting stuff. Creating stuff like that is far beyond my level of comprehension as someone who knows little about art, that’s for sure. If you want to see more awesome creations by SpallSpartan, you can do so on their Twitter account.

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